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WHATA group of college, high school, and graduate school students that is increasing awareness of aging and the elderly.
WHYTo encourage younger people to have more awareness, love, compassion, and respect for seniors and to understand issues that they deal with in particular Alzheimer's disease. To raise money for Alzheimer's research.
WHEREIAGE: International Alzheimer's & Gerontology Education. Universal Gerontology and Alzheimer's Disease Awareness (UGADA).
Founder - Nihal Satyadev.
Los Angeles, California, USA. UCLA and several Colleges across the United States.

Program Description

"Younger people must realize that old people are just younger people from the past! So, we tell our friends: 'Look into the eyes of those who are older and see the YOU & YOUTH in them.' "

"I was surprised to find out how little youth advocacy there is for Alzheimer’s, ...everyone has a grandma or grandpa who could suffer from this disease.”

"We are a group of young individuals committed to changing the perception of Alzheimer's Disease. Our members can be found in high schools and college campuses across the nation creating a grassroots movement to seek the cure. We are youth advocates. We are youth caregivers. We are youth researchers."

The goal of The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s is to increase senior awareness and sensitivity amoung the youth and student population and to promote Alzheimer’s research and support for the elderly.

The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s along with UCLA's Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity has hosted Rock Out 4 Alzheimer's, a musical event that raised funds for the Alzheimer's Association. 

The movement encourages more young people to become interested in studying gerontology and Alzheimer’s research so that they can advocate for and help the elderly.

The organization also hosted the largest student-run aging and Alzheimer's conference.

More Senior and Youth Programs:

Friends of the Elderly Transition Year Program - Irish students learn about Irish history through the lives of elderly "back in the day" and receive school credit. This senior sensitivity training not is only educational but increases awareness of seniors.

Value Education Program on Age Care Program - Adding aging awareness and senior sensitivity training into Indian school curriculums.

Intergenerational (Seniors Helping Youth) Programs
- Seniors making positive contributions to youth through intergenerational exchanges.

Intergenerational (Seniors and Youth) Activity Programs
- Several different intergenerational social activity programs




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Senior Programs
-More Senior Awareness & Sensitivity Programs
-More Intergenerational Programs

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