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WHATPhilanthropy training curriculum for youth to increase understanding and sensitivity of seniors and those with disabilities.
WHYTo educate kids about philanthropic skills and behavior and the importance of showing respect for elderly and those with disabilities.
WHERELearning to Give - Philanthropy Education.
New York and Michigan USA. Training lessons available internationally online.

Program Description

"Learning to Give's vision is a world where all youth are knowledgeable and equipped for lifelong engagement in philanthropy as givers of time, talent, and treasure for the common good."

"Learning to Give offers philanthropy education resources and lessons covering K-12 for teachers, parents, youth workers, faith groups and community leaders for free. "

Through the Learning to Give Philanthropy Program kids will learn the following senior sensitivity and intergenerational skills and how to:

  • Read and discuss literature covering senior sensitivity and respect for seniors.
  • Experience hands-on training to increase senior awareness and sensitivity for retirement home residents.
  • Log their philanthropy training and experience in journals .
  • Determine core philanthropic values in line with Learning to Give’s mission of educating kids about the importance of philanthropy, the civil society sector, and civic engagement.

Senior sensitivity training activities may include:

-Introducing a presenter from a senior center or retirement home to youth and discussing what different situations may have brought an elderly person to a senior center or retirement home along with what seniors may have experienced in life. Youth can describe different aspects of aging that they may witness and instructors will emphasize that these changes are natural effects of aging that everyone may experience in the future.

-Setting up aging simulation stations for students to visit and experience including:

  • Walking with beans in shoes to simulate the discomfort of walking.
  • Petroleum jelly on sunglasses while reading to simulate failing vision.
  • Cotton balls in ears to simulate deafness.
  • Walking with a walker while blindfolded.
  • Pushing someone in a wheelchair to experience barriers encountered.
  • Opening a bottle of medication while wearing rubber gloves with cotton in the fingertips to simulate arthritis.
  • Afterwards start a discussion with youth about their reactions to the challenges that may complicate the lives of elderly people. 

Educations videos, handouts and other training tools are available on the Learning to Give website.

-Several projects ideas are available on how kids can help seniors including:

Creating calendars to help seniors at a nursing home keep track of special events and birthdays, celebrating a senior’s birthday by making a cake and delivering it to them at a nursing home, assembling and delivering Good-Eat Bags for Seniors filled with nutritious snacks for seniors to seniors living at home, a nursing home, or attending a senior center program.


Seniors are Cool Program - Free video and senior sensitivity training teaching school children to dispel misconceptions about seniors.

Friends of the Elderly Transition Year Program
- Irish students learn about Irish history through the lives of elderly 'back in the day' and receive school credit. This senior sensitivity training not is only educational but increases awareness of seniors.

Value Education Program on Age Care Program - Adding aging awareness and senior sensitivity training into Indian school curriculums.

Intergenerational (Seniors and Youth) Activity Programs
- Several different intergenerational social activity programs.

Find out more about the Learning to Give Philanthropy - Senior Sensitivity Training Program

Senior Programs

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