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WHATThe "National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services" Programs (NANASP) provides seniors with healthy meals through senior sites across the USA. The programs work to improve elderly nutrition, combat senior hunger and provide training for those working with seniors.
WHYThe goal of the program is to improve senior nutrition through community-based services and to encourage healthy aging through advocacy and education.
WHEREUS Department of Health and Human Services.
Administration on Aging.
State Units on Aging (SUAs) Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs)
Headquarters in Washington, DC, USA.
Program available across the USA.

Program Description

"The National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs (NANASP) is a national membership organization for persons across the country working to provide older adults healthful food and nutrition through community-based services."


"Few if any federal programs in history have been as good an investment of the taxpayer dollar as the nutrition programs. According to Assistant Secretary for Aging, Kathy Greenlee, since 1972, eight billion meals have been served to older Americans. Every day an older adult participates in either the congregate or home-delivered meals programs means they are able to remain in their communities and homes, maintain their independence and not face the prospect of hospital or nursing home placement due to malnutrition or hunger."

–source: Press Release: 'The National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs (NANASP) celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Older Americans Act Nutrition Programs.'

The “Older Americans Nutrition Program” is the largest federally funded community-based nutrition program for older adults. NANASP’s vision is to reshape the future of nutrition and healthy aging.

An aging network made up of thousands of local senior service providers deliver congregate and home meals, provide senior nutrition screenings, education and counseling, and other senior health services.

The “National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services” Programs provides senior nutrition training and information about senior hunger to health care professionals and those who work with seniors, such as nursing home directors, senior center staff, elderly caregivers and others.

Senior nutrition training includes webinars, teleconferences and publications covering topics such as:

Nutrition Directors Training Webinar 4-Week Series - training for Nutrition Directors
Orientation to the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program - the role of nutrition services in the aging services network, and ways to help meet the needs of seniors, their families, states and local communities.
What Does it Take to Run a Good Nutrition Program? - explores leadership skills, best practices and the imagination needed to run a great Senior Center/Nutrition Program. The Role and Responsibilities of a Director/Site Manager.
Food Safety for Older Adults Publication.
Nutrition Program Toolkit Publication.
Nutrition Checklist Warning Signs (of Elderly Malnutrition.)
National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference - Combating Hunger Among Older Americans Summary.
Webinar- Helping Employers Support Working Caregivers with a New Focus on Therapeutic Nutrition.
The Employer Elder Care Toolkit: Focus on Therapeutic Nutrition a toolkit designed by Families and the Work Institute to give employers helpful information to support older adult employees and those providing care for sick or elderly loved ones. 

The “National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services” Programs advocates for community-based senior nutrition programs and works collaboratively with Americans for Long-Term Care Security and the Elder Justice Coalition.

AARP Drive to End Senior Hunger Program - AARP campaign to increase awareness on the issue of senior hunger with the aim to help end hunger among older adults in the United States. The aim is to end senior hunger by looking for long-term solutions by partnering with corporations, researchers and non-profits. and to help seniors apply for eligible benefits such as the Federal government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP.) Across the USA.

Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program - A Federal and State funded program providing discounts to low-income seniors to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables promoting healthy elderly nutrition. Across the USA.

Meals on Wheels Pledge to End Senior Hunger Program - Meals On Wheels Association of America pledge to end senior hunger by the year 2020. Campaign activities include: volunteering, increasing awareness about the problem of senior hunger in America, making donations to help with senior meals, or providing ideas about how to end senior hunger. Across the USA.

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