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WHATSimulated aging trainings where participants can feel what it's like to age through sensory exercises such as using modified eye glasses to simulate vision loss and putting rubber bands around their hands to simulate arthritic symptoms. The experience is meant to simulate what it is like to grow old and what happens to the body as we age.
WHYSo that staff and those who interact with seniors at a range of locations such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, banks, retail, tourism and other businesses can learn what it may feel like for older adults . To foster a better understanding and empathy for the older adults they are interacting with or caring for.
WHERELee Memorial Health System. Fort Myers, Florida, USA.

Program Description

"Your staff are the ones who greet, assist, help solve problems for and interact with your customers and guests. It makes sense that the more aware your staff is of what the person may be experiencing, the more effective they may become in relating to your customers. The Aging Training Program will accomplish this."

The SECURE - Senior Sensitivity Training Program kit includes:

  • A senior sensitivity training DVD and CD with five videos.
  • A virtual senior sensitivity training manual with notes.
  • Glasses to simulate eye problems in seniors such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, stroke, cataracts etc.
  • Arthritis simulation gloves and a sewing kit and a prescription bottle with simulated pills to test manual dexterity.
Lee Heatlh is a not-for-profit public health system in Florida. The organization's mission is to build a healthier future for the community.


Xtreme Aging Program - The ultimate senior sensitivity training, simulating what it feels like to physically & mentally age by stuffing cotton in ears and putting rubber bands around hands.

Walk in My Shoes Program - Senior sensitivity training for young people. Youth can understand the elderly better by sharing experiences and by learning through sensory exercises what it actually feels like to grow old.

MIT Age Lab AGNES - Age Gain Now Empathy System Program- AGNES is a suit designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 's AgeLab to simulate what it feels like to age providing hands on senior awareness and sensitivity training.

Changing Age for Business Program - Providing businesses in the United Kingdom with senior awareness and sensitivity training so that products and services are better able to reach the senior market.

Find out more about the SECURE - Senior Sensitivity Training Program

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