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WHAT Training for the profession of Travel Trainers who help teach seniors and other individuals how to use transit, buses and all forms of public transportation.
WHYTo give the up and coming profession of Travel Trainers a consistent knowledge base so that they may assist seniors in getting around safely.
WHEREEaster Seals Project Action. Accessible Community Transportation.
Across the U.S.A.

Program Description

"Easter Seals Project ACTION offers training, an online community, and resources dedicated to the practice of travel training."

Once individuals are trained in the "Easter Seals Project ACTION Travel Training" Program they are known as "Travel Trainers" and can help seniors with transportation needs by providing information on transit routes, bus stops, fares, individualized coaching, and travel skills.

The following courses are available on how to become a travel trainer:

Introduction to Travel Training -an intensive three-day learning session with classroom and field instruction. It offers travel trainers the basic information needed to expand their own skills and enhance the services of their organization so that they can help promote senior transportation.

Fundamentals of Travel Training Administration - free online course provides information pertinent to launching, operating and maintaining a travel training program. The course covers creating job descriptions; hiring, training and supervising travel trainers; developing budgets; and understanding the family of travel training services that are offered throughout the country. The course is appropriate for administrators looking to starting a new travel training program. 

Online travel training community - a forum for members to pose questions, share answers, ideas and actual resources, discuss issues, and more.

The Easter Seals Project Action's mission is to promote universal access to transportation for people with disabilities under federal law and beyond by partnering with transportation providers, the disability community and others through the provision of training, technical assistance, applied research, outreach and communication.

For more information on the profession of "Travel Training" visit the Association of Travel Information (ATI)

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