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WHATA campaign encouraging the community to donate free fans to keep seniors and others cool during summer heat.
WHYTo help seniors, adults with disabilities, and families keep cool and prevent heat related illness and/or deaths during heat waves.
WHEREFamily Eldercare.
Texas, USA.

Program Description

“For over 30 years the fan drive has been the only campaign of its kind to benefit seniors, and those most in need, in our Central Texas communities.”

“Each year, thousands of adults, corporations, community groups, and kids participate in the Summer Fan Drive by forming their own individual Fan Drive Teams.”

“As we age, our ability to adequately respond to summer heat can become a serious problem. Older people are at significant increased risk of heat-related illnesses, known collectively as hyperthermia, during the summer months. Hyperthermia can include heat stroke, heat edema (swelling in your ankles and feet when you get hot), heat syncope (sudden dizziness after exercising in the heat), heat cramps, and heat exhaustion.”

-National Institutes of Health

Those interested in helping the elderly stay cool during the summer can do so by:

  • Getting together a team of coworkers, friends, family, or a community group.
  • Collects physical fans, money to buy fans, or both.
  • Drop off fans or funds at Family Eldercare.
  • Volunteer to deliver free fans to seniors and other individuals with transportation or mobility barriers.

Family Eldercare also holds a Fan Drive Drop Off Parade for those wishing to donate. Donors can decorate cars, vans, trucks etc., to deliver fan donations and raise awareness of the Summer Fan Drive Campaign .

Factors that can increase the risk of heat related illness include age-related changes to the skin such as poor blood circulation, heart, lung, and kidney diseases, high blood pressure, reduced sweating caused by medications, drinking alcoholic beverages, hot living quarters and overdressing.

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