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WHATA campaign and senior hotline to protect the health and well-being of older adults in California during the COVID-19 pandemic.
WHYTo help seniors obtain basic resources and necessities like groceries and prescriptions and help them feel connected during a time of physical distancing.
WHEREStay Home Save Lives.
State of California.
Governor Gavin Newsom. California, USA.

Program Description

“No older Californian should be forced to go outside to get groceries or their medication. It’s on all of us across the state to check in on the older adults in our lives – our friends, family and neighbors – to help them during this outbreak. Each and every one of us must reach out in a safe way to make sure our older neighbors have someone to talk to and have enough food to eat during these difficult times.”

“…to check not just for wellness checks related to food and medicine but the deep anxiety people are feeling being isolated at home and the loneliness people are feeling at home not connected to the outside world, anxious about their life and their loved ones’ lives.”

The campaign encourages Californians to check in on older adult neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic by calling, texting or a physically-distanced door knock.

The senior hotline can be found by dialing 2-1-1 or (833)-544-2374. The hotline can help the elderly with food and medication deliveries, answer questions, talk about anxiety and provide a social connection.

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Find out more about the Stay Home Save Lives Check In Campaign and Seniors Hotline

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