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WHAT An senior driver expo event where seniors and their families can learn about resources to assist mature drivers and ensure safety while on the road.
WHYSeniors face many challenges while driving that come with age such as limited mobility, longer reaction time, vision loss and more. To keep seniors driving safely for as long as possible.
WHEREAmerican Automobile Association (AAA.)
Across the USA.

Program Description

"Our research shows that nearly one-in-three Americans don't know where to turn for information on senior driver issues," said AAA Vice President of Public Affairs Kathleen Marvaso. "AAA's Senior Driver Expo will help families learn how to prepare for and address the challenges senior drivers and their families face as a result of the natural, inevitable consequences of aging."

At AAA's "Senior Driver Expo," older adults and their families learn how to deal with safety and mobility challenges related to driving. The expo is a hands-on opportunity to assess and improve driving skills, reduce driving risks and foster positive dialogue between elderly drivers and their families.

Senior drivers can sample other AAA senior driver safety programs such as:

AAA Roadwise Review - A computer-based screening tool that allows users to measure the functional abilities scientifically linked to crash risk among older drivers.

CarFit - A community based program that offers senior drivers the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles "fit" them for maximum comfort and safety.

Smart Features for Mature Drivers - A guide that identifies vehicle features that can assist drivers with the visual, physical and mental changes that are frequently encountered as they age.

The goal of the expo is for seniors drivers to assess their current driving skills and learn how to improve them.

Seminars on safety topics are held for the benefit senior drivers and their families such how adult children and senior parents can discuss driving safely.

More AAA Senior Programs

AAA Discounts-Senior Discounts on restaurants, travel deals, health care, prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing aids, rental, cruise, hotel, tours, fitness equipment & gym memberships, cell phones, home security service, roadside assistance, insurance, legal aid and more.

Drive Sharp Program - A brain fitness computer software program clinically proven to help senior drivers and drivers of any age react faster and cut crash risk in half.




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