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WHATFree transportation for seniors through volunteer driver and shared ride programs.
WHYTo link older adults with free transportation and an accompaniment to help or stay with the rider if required.
WHERENational Volunteer Transportation Center.
The Community Transportation Association of America.
The Beverly Foundation. Founder -Dr. Helen Kerschner.

Program Description

“The 147 programs that submitted applications served a total of 54,338 passengers, involved 11,477 volunteer drivers who used 9,671 personal vehicles to provide passengers with 633,767 one-way rides.”
– source: Passenger Stories of Gratitude 2016.

“Passengers, family members, and communities are faced with the need for transportation services that are efficient, effective, and economical…volunteer transportation, when organized appropriately, offers providers and customers alike transportation options that are both an economical and environmentally friendly.”

Older adults who have limited mobility, finances or health concerns may rely on someone else to provide their transportation needs.

The National Volunteer Transportation Center is linked with approximately 1000 volunteer transportation organizations throughout the United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Older adults or caregivers may visit the website and click on a map which will link to volunteer senior transportation organizations in their area.

Volunteer Drivers may provide seniors with the following transportation services:

-Door-to door
-Stay-at-destination assistance

In addition to designated volunteer transportation programs the National Volunteer Transportation Center identifies the following as other means of transportation:

  • Family members, caregivers, and friends who help with errands
  • Neighbors who live nearby and offer rides
  • Public transit (buses, light rail, subways)
  • ADA Paratransit (for people with disabilities)
  • Dial-A-Ride (and other shuttle services)
  • Private transit (limousines, taxis & chauffeur services)
  • Community Transit (buses, vans, shuttles, autos)
  • NEV’s (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles)
  • Low speed vehicles, golf carts, bicycles
  • Walking

The Community Transportation Association of America has published:

‘Passenger Stories of Gratitude’ - which details the experiences of older adults using volunteer driver programs. The stories were gathered as part of the STAR Awards program.
‘Introduction to Senior Transportation’ - which discusses the challenges faced by older adults as they transition from driving themselves to using other forms of transportation.

“Why they drive…respondents volunteered to drive for many of the same service reasons that they volunteer to do other activities (in response to a need, to help others, and to give back). However, their responses also indicated personal reasons for volunteer driving such as being tired of being bored, because they had time on their hands, and reasons associated with being retired from the work force. An enjoyment of driving, the desire to remain active, and a need to do something meaningful also were identified.”, 'Volunteer Drivers'

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