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WHATSmart home security system that can monitor when alarm or emergency alerts are triggered and when sensors that track an elderly persons routine are out of sync.
WHYTo provide seniors and others with a smart home safety/security system and emergency response.
Across the USA.

Program Description

"Your elderly parents, living alone, haven't cracked open the fridge in days. Or they left the front door open late at night. Maybe they've fallen and can't get to a phone. Lowe's tapped into the fears of children living apart from their aging kin with its CES display of its new Iris Care system, which among other tasks can send an email to family members when an older relative doesn't get out of bed at the normal time.

"Designed primarily for caregivers and family members of aging adults, the Care service can alert you when help is needed or when daily routines change unexpectedly."

"… you can purchase an Iris Care application… for monitoring the activity of elderly loved ones or others who require surveillance. The system lets you monitor sensor activity, and will alert you of non-activity per the parameters you set."

Lowes Iris Home Security and Monitoring kits start at approximately $200.

Some of the safety features include:

-Window, door and cabinet sensors and a keypad
-Automated door locks
-Receive notification when alarm or alert is triggered
-Turn devices on / off remotely
-Stream video on computer or smart phone
-Receive arrival / departure notifications

The Iris Senior Pendant is an emergency life alert for seniors and can be used in the event of a fall or other emergency to immediately contact loved ones and can provide peace of mind for seniors who live alone.

A smart home is a home that can be monitored and controlled through the Internet and mobile devices. Smart homes can provide homeowners with data about their homes and its operations.

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