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WHATJust5 is an ideal senior cell phone and cell phone service due to it's 'senior friendly' features and design and its red personal emergency response button.
WHYJust5 aims to provide seniors who have vision impairments, manual dexterity issues and hearing impairments with a reliable, suitable cell phone. Big5 cell phone also provide seniors with added safety and security by acting as an emergency response system when needed.
USA, Canada, Across Europe.

Program Description

"As the aging population becomes larger, more options and cell phone technology for seniors are expected to catch the manufacturer's attention. This trend will not only benefit the elderly, but also others with related disabilities as well. The future cell phone for seniors is also expected to be even more assistive for the growing community of the elderly."

Just5 acts as both a cell phone and a personal emergency response for seniors.

A red personal emergency response button allows seniors to enter up to five emergency contacts such as 911, family contacts, a doctor etc. Once the button is pressed it makes a loud alerting noise to draw attention, then the system texts each of the contacts and dials each of the emergency contacts until a connection is made. Once in emergency mode, the cell phone swiches to speaker mode to allow a senior to speak even if they have moved away from the cell phone.

Just5’s senior friendly cell phone features include:

-Big Buttons, big fonts, high contrast screen
-Talking Keypad
-Ergonomic keypad and design for ease of coordination and manual dexterity
-Enhanced volume and ringer with hearing aid compatibility
-Red Personal Emergency Response System Button

Just5 cell phones offer contract free wireless.

Seniors and others have access to International Direct Dial, Voice mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, International and Domestic SMS, Nationwide Long Distance, Three-way Calling, No Roaming Fees, No Activation and Fees, No Cancellation Fees.

Cell phones for seniors can provide an added sense of security for seniors and their family members. Loved ones can have peace of mind that their aging parent can contact them at any time in case of an emergency.

Just5 is a global provider of cell phones that are designed for ease of use, reliability and emergency response and can be connected with any U.S., Canadian and most European service providers.




Just5 - Simple, Big button Cell Phones for Seniors, with Emergency Alert Button

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