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WHATA guide for older adults on how to plan and prepare for a disaster or an emergency.
WHYTo give older adults the tools and confidence to prepare before potential disasters and emergencies, what to do during an event and how to recover afterwards.
WHEREEmergency Preparedness for Older Adults.
Canadian Red Cross.

Program Description

“No two people are the same. This guide will help you assess your abilities and potential factors you may need to consider in the event of an emergency.
You will also be provided with important actions and steps to take before, during and after a disaster or an emergency.”

Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults by The Canadian Red Cross outlines helpful information for older adults on how to prepare for an emergency or disaster such as an earthquake, flood, home fire, wildfire, heat wave, winter storm, thunderstorm, and power outage ahead of time.

Recommendations include:

Develop an Emergency Plan – considerations such as to stay at home with appropriate measures or to exit, evacuation plan to escape home safely, homeowners or renters insurance coverage.

Gather Emergency Supplies - emergency supplies checklist and kit for home and car for everyone in household, including pets, back up power or batteries to operate medical devices or keep medicines cold, food, medications, mobility assistance, eyeglasses, etc.

Prepare Important Documents Checklist - collect and copy documents such as identification, financial, legal, insurance and medical papers.

Learn How to Turn Off - water, gas and electricity supply to the home.

Create an Emergency Contact List

Seniors can further empower themselves and prepare by identifying possible local disasters, become informed about community response plans, evacuation and shelter resources, sign up for for emergency alerts, take a class in first aid and CPR.

Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults lists actions to take for how to safely return home after an emergency or disaster such as checking gas, sewer, electrical and water lines, broken glass and debris.

The guide also addresses how to emotionally prepare and deal with possible after effects of emergencies and disasters such as stress, anxiety, depression and physical symptoms.


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