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WHATResources and information for older adults to establish and implement emergency and disaster preparedness strategies in their communities.
WHYTo encourage seniors to prepare and learn how to stay safe before an emergency or disaster strikes.
WHERECommunity Living Campaign. San Francisco, CA, USA.

Program Description

“The past couple of years have been marked by one threat after another some immediate and some existing but growing in impact such as:
• Continuing health risks of COVID and the isolation it is fostering
• Increasing number of days with heat alerts
• Increasing number of days with bad air alerts from nearby forest fires
• Increased likelihood of a major earthquake
• Continuing fears around attacks on people of color
• The slow pace of efforts to bridge the digital divide for older adults and people with disabilities at the same time health care and access to other services have moved online.”

“When disaster strikes, we come together to help each other. Getting prepared is about knowing your neighbors, saying hi to the regulars at the local market, and staying in touch with family and friends—both digitally and in person.”

Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults by The Community Living Campaign works with partner networks to help keep those at risk in their communities safe.

The program provides opportunities for older adults to stay safe in an emergency or disaster though the following initiatives:

Build Neighborhood Networks – offers online and in person activities for seniors to meet their neighbors and learn about emergency preparedness from staff and guest presenters.

SF ReServe  - recruits and hires seniors and people living with disabilities to serve their community through part-time paid employment. Seniors are hired to train and help connect other older adults with emergency and disaster preparedness.

The Community Living Campaign has additional resources on their website on how to stay safe in an emergency or disaster by planning ahead, links to the Vial of Life and SF72 San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

The organization has also worked with the California Alliance to develop and distribute information about Emergency Preparedness with a focus on readiness for people with disabilities.

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