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WHATTo connect communities of older adults who may or may not be socially isolated ahead of health emergencies and natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, tsunamis, changing climate and severe weather.
WHYTo provide the necessary supports and planning for unexpected events, disasters and emergencies which could potentially save lives, reduce injuries and damage.
WHEREBuilding Resilient Neighborhoods.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Program Description

“Mutual assistance and preparedness planning are both vital to survival, safety and overall resilience. Connect & Prepare is an innovative, locally-developed approach to meeting both those needs together."

"Through facilitated presentations, interactive games, and friendly discussions, neighbors get to know each other, learn about acute emergencies and chronic stresses, identify assets and priorities, and implement shared preparedness projects.”

The Connect and Prepare Program was piloted in a multi-unit rental building for seniors with disabilities.

Neighbors came to know one another, had a better understanding of their collective strengths, assets and vulnerabilities and took action to be better prepared for emergencies.

Older adults living alone or who keep to themselves are more vulnerable in emergency health or disaster situations.The more neighbors know about each other the more likely they are able to help. Creating a community plan ahead of time can strengthen resources and response times.

Groups of older adult neighbors living in either a multi-unit building or complex, or on the same street may participate in the program.

Older adults will:

  • Learn about different kinds of potential emergencies.
  • Participate in fun online gatherings for socializing and discussing preparedness. 
  • Develop strategies to improve individual and collective safety.
  • Explore opportunities to become more connected and mutually supportive before, during and after emergencies.
  • Participate in online educational workshops. 
  • Participate in interactive action planning sessions to discuss when, how, and what is required to get more connected and prepared.
  • Presentations, materials & facilitation from experts at the City of Victoria’s Emergency Management Division and Building Resilient Neighborhoods. 
  • Receive shared emergency supplies. 
  • Receive funds to launch projects that build connections and preparedness with neighbors.

Building Resilient Neighborhoods works towards building resilient communities, bringing citizens, groups, organizations, businesses and local governments together.

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