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WHATFree call captioning phone and service providing real-time display of caller’s words during phone conversations on landlines, cell/mobile phones, tablets, or internet phones.
WHYLarge print words or captions of a caller’s conversation can help older adults or those with hearing loss stay connected, safe and avoid social isolation.
Across the USA.

Program Description

“Similar to captioned television, ClearCaptions allows you to actually see the words your callers say, made possible by our revolutionary home phone or mobile device app.” “As a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – certified telephone captioning provider, ClearCaptions follows the highest industry standards for privacy, security and professionalism on all your calls.”

“ClearCaptions is an FCC-regulated caption provider with strict obligations for confidentiality. As soon as you disconnect your call, the captions disappear from the communications assistant station. In keeping with Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulations governing Relay Services, no records of any call content are recorded or stored by caption communications assistants.

Free caption phone for the hearing impaired is available for qualified U.S. residents whose hearing loss requires captions to communicate over the phone.

Free caption phones are available on landlines with an easy-to-use touchscreen display or on cell/mobile phones, tablets, or internet phones.

ClearCaptions provides older adults or those with hearing loss with:

  • Free phone & captioning service
  • Free installation with an in-home visit from a specialist along with training on how to use a caption phone for hearing impaired
  • Free ongoing customer support

ClearCaptions is provided for free through a program managed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The Federal Communications Commission is committed to providing equal communications to people with recognized hearing loss to fulfill the mandate of Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Anyone looking for how to get a free caption phone can visit the below link or call 866-868-8695.

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