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WHAT CareCheckers provides daily check-in or reassurance calls, medicine reminders and social interaction to seniors.
WHYTo help isolated seniors by providing them with a meaningful, regular connection, which can help prevent loneliness and provide peace of mind, safety and security.
Across the USA.

Program Description

"CareCalls are designed to assist families of aging and disabled loved ones by making daily health and safety checkup calls. We offer medication, meal and activity reminders, along with friendly social interaction. All calls are made by live representatives, not an automated system. We keep caregivers updated with daily status reports sent to their email or mobile phones"

Many seniors may have mobility issues and may not be able to easily interact with people by grocery shopping, running errands, or participating in activities and hobbies.

Check in calls are made by to seniors by live representatives and often the same representative calls a particular senior so that they can develop a relationship. This is also helpful so that a representative can sense when something may be off such as signs of depression, and other health or safety issues.

CareCheckers can customize check in services based on individual’s needs. Updates and reports can be sent to an elderly persons family, loved ones or caregiver through email or cell phone.

CareCheckers provides daily check in service calls to seniors, however does not provide in-home care services. They realize that from time to time in addition to a phone call, in-home service may be required.

CareCheckers has an in-home care directory with providers listed on their website
which can provide seniors in home care such as assistance with bathing & grooming, meal preparation, housekeeping, shopping & errands, and safety supervision.

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