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WHATSenior health and safety research program dedicated to improving senior driver safety.
WHYCandrive aims to identify, analyze and examine safety issues related to senior drivers and to improve the health and to quality of life of Canada's older drivers.
WHERECanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).
The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.
Dr. Shawn Marshall and Dr. Malcolm Man-Son-Hing Across Canada.

Program Description

Candrive is dedicated to driving research for older adults.

Candrive will examine both the effectiveness of senior driver re-training, driver rehabilitation and driver refresher programs and the use of custom or restricted drivers licenses for elderly drivers.

By identifying older drivers who are no longer safe to drive as early as possible, the “Candrive” Program will help protect the reputation, public image and rights of many senior drivers who in fact represent the safest and most experienced drivers on the road.

Helpful CanDrive resources include:

-Senior Driver Resources:Transportation Needs, Assessments, Older Drivers and Caregivers
-Physician Resources on Driving and Dementia, Official Documents, Driving Toolkit. Candrive is working to develop a screening tool for doctors and other health clinicians to identify which older drivers are unsafe to continue driving and those drivers who may require more in-depth evaluation.

Other projects to help elderly drivers by Candrive include:

Common Cohort - study of older drivers and key factors that impact their driving safety.

Identifying older drivers at increased risk for at-fault crashes - tool for health care professionals that will help identify elderly drivers who are at increased risk for at-fault motor vehicle collisions.

Driving Patterns of Older Canadians - examine driving patterns in a large sample of older drivers from different locations across Canada using Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking looking at factors such as obeying traffic signs and the effect of climate conditions on driving.

Influence of Psychosocial Factors on Driver Decision-making and Behavior -to examine perceptions of senior driver abilities, such as confidence, beliefs, attitudes and motivations on driving-related decisions including intentions that may restrict or stop seniors driving

Advancements in Automotive Design – linking senior drivers’ abilities and car features that impact older driver safety and developing a car design rating system that identifies vehicle features which meet the needs of elderly drivers.

Assessing the relevance of the simulator as a screening tool for at-risk older drivers - validate the use of driving simulator assessments.

Senior Driver Improvement -to explore the perspectives of elderly driver safety and training programs and to implement the StaySHARP Pilot driver refresher program.

Find out more about the “Canadian Driving Research Initiative For Vehicular Safety In The Elderly (Candrive)” Program

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