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WHATA self-assessment questionnaire for older drivers
WHY. To help older adults assess their current ability and driving performance.
Across USA.

Program Description

“…some of the skills necessary for safe driving vision, reflexes, flexibility, and hearing begin to deteriorate as we age. If you notice that you are beginning to experience some of these natural age-related changes, you can adjust your driving habits to keep driving safely after all, one of the most critical assets for safe driving is experience, and experience does not decline with age. It’s important to recognize your limitations and to be aware of everything you can do to be safe on the road.”

The AAA Drivers 65+ Check Your Performance driving assessment identifies driving strengths and weaknesses and provides suggestions for seniors to improve their driving.

Questions asked to determine if an older adult is safely able to drive cover areas such as:

  • Reaction to other vehicles and drivers
  • Emotional state when driving
  • Decision making, merging, traffic signs and signals.
  • Medications and driving
  • Road conditions
  • Vehicle’s performance
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