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WHATInstallation of raised garden beds for nursing homes, senior living facilities and other locations.
WHYTo help older adults living in elder care and others with mobility issues to connect with nature and access the benefits of gardening.
WHEREElevated Gardens.
Founder – Terry Garrett.
T&L Group. Tennessee, USA.

Program Description

“T &L Group, Inc.’s primary audience has been senior living centers and nursing homes, providing elderly individuals, often struggling with mobility, with the ability to garden.”

“Garrett began trying to develop an alternative to traditional gardening. Over time, Garrett developed a fully wheelchair accessible elevated garden, allowing individuals to sit or stand while gardening.”

Gardening for older adults in nursing care can be calming, therapeutic and may be their only opportunity to connect with nature.

Raised gardens beds help seniors to garden by providing an easy to reach garden bed and contain a water system within a sturdy metal rame.

Elevated gardens are mobile and can be moved easily on wheels to individual resident rooms or shared activity areas.

Senior residents who have mobility issues, are unable to bend, or are unable to go outside easily are still able have access to gardening indoors.

Gardening for older adults in nursing homes can add a sense of purpose, fulfillment, creativity and joy by planting, watering and caring for a garden. The anticipation of growth and end result can be extremely satisfying.

Benefits of gardening for seniors include:

  • Provides opportunities for movement, exercise, physical therapy, and socialization.
  • Builds dexterity.
  • Assists in fostering calmness and purpose for individuals with PTSD.
  • Provides opportunities for strength building exercises such as pulling, lifting, reaching.
  • Enhances activities centered around memory care.
  • Offers a visual and/or edible reward for individuals tending the garden.
  • Promotes creativity by giving older adults the opportunity to design the layout of their garden.
  • Encourages older adults, experiencing the positive results that come from the time and effort they put into gardening.
  • Brings together, older adults, caregivers and staff  together for a common purpose.
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