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WHATThe Brainy Boomers Lecture Series presents lectures by prominent aging related experts and the Ponder Program conducts Alzheimer's and other dementia research and early intervention.
WHYTo raise awareness and to provide the latest most up to date information on aging population, focusing on aging related issues, such as healthy aging and prevention of neurodegenerative disorders associated with aging.
WHEREThe McGill Centre for Studies in Aging McGill University Faculty of Medicine.
Montreal Alzheimer Society.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Program Description

Topics for healthy aging cover healthy lifestyles and nutrition, boosting memory, and how to cope with dementia for family members.

Past topics in the Brainy Boomers Lecture Series have included:

  • Aging and Memory
  • Can Alzheimer's disease be prevented
  • Brain Gym
  • Coping Strategies for Caregivers and Family Members of Dementia Patients
  • Nutrition and Aging
  • Legal Issues for Brainy Boomers and Beyond
  • Tech Tips for Seniors - Cell phones, emergency buttons, alarms and websites geared to Seniors

The McGill Centre for Studies in Aging is also dedicated to dementia research through the PONDER  (Prevention Of Neurodegenerative Diseases in Everyone at Risk) Program.

The Ponder Program conducts Alzheimer’s and other dementia research and early intervention for subjects who develop mild forms of dementia and coordinates dementia care for those subjects who proceed to more severe forms of dementia.

The results from their research is used towards finding new treatment and intervention plans for the prevention and early intervention of age related neurodegenerative disease.

The McGill Centre for Studies in Aging specializes in Gerontology research and teaching on the mechanisms of aging as well as prevention of age-associated disorders, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and other cognitive disorders.

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Find out more about the McGill Brainy Boomers Lecture Series and Ponder Program

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