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WHATAn Alzheimer's home safety booklet to help Alzheimer's and other dementia caregivers to cope with challenges and develop solutions to increase the safety, security and freedom of a person with Alzheimer's. The booklet provides several helpful tips for how to prepare each room of a home to be more 'Alzheimer's friendly.'
WHYTo improve the home safety of those living with Alzheimer's disease by identifying potential problems in the home and offering possible solutions to help prevent accidents.
WHEREThe National Institute on Aging. Across the USA.
Home Safety Booklet for People With Alzheimer's.
Available Online.

Program Description

The' Alzheimer’s Home Safety Booklet' contains:

  • An Alzheimer’s home safety checklist -to help make each room in the home from the bathroom, the laundry room, living room, bedroom, kitchen etc., a safer environment for the person with Alzheimer's.
  • Home safety tips for specific impairments associated with Alzheimer’s disease such as wandering, hiding things, hallucinations that can create safety hazards in the home.
  • Tips for managing and planning for a natural disaster.
  • A list of resources for family caregivers.

The booklet also covers information such as:

-Is It Safe to Leave the Person with Alzheimer’s Disease Alone?
-Home Safety Room by Room 
-Home Safety Behavior by Behavior 
-Special Occasions/Gatherings/Holidays
-Warning Signs of Unsafe Driving
-Who Would Take Care of the Person with Alzheimer’s If Something Happened to You?

Prevention - since it is difficult to predict what a person with Alzheimer’s might do checking home safety of your home will help to minimize accidents.

Adapt the home environment - since it is more effective to change the environment than to change most behaviors making changes to decrease the hazards.

Minimize danger – this can lead to a less restrictive environment where the person with Alzheimer’s disease can experience increased security and more mobility.

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