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WHATA planned holiday for those with dementia including full service dementia care in a natural countryside setting.
WHYTo provide respite to dementia carers and family members and a holiday for individuals with dementia with appropriate dementia care. The holiday also allows dementia caregivers a respite from caregiving duties.
WHEREDementia Timeout.

Program Description

Dementia Timeout provides those with dementia a holdiay with full dementia care services and allows dementia caregivers to have a well deserved break from carer duties.

Dementia Timeout aims to:

  • Set a benchmark for dementia-friendly accommodation and respite
  • Provide dementia support services for holidays and short breaks for carers
  • Equip accommodation with effective and simple to use assistive dementia technology
  • Plan the vacation including arranging transport to and from the accommodation
  • Liaise with local care organizations to meet individual needs such as providing personal care/domestic/befriending/sit-in services supplied by a professional agency.
  • Plan days out for those with dementia at local attractions, taking walks, going to the shops etc.
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