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WHATDementia Awareness and Training for leaders, family carers, GPs, nurses, pharmacists, and other health & social care professionals including psychosocial skills training, including cognitive remediation and multisensory stimulation therapy and ethical care decisions, and memory assessment training.
WHYTo work with key organizations, health care professionals and leaders to improve dementia care services and to explore the experience of dementia care from their perspective and to develop dementia awareness through flexible dementia awareness training.
WHEREDementia Elevator.
Irish Health Executive Authority and Atlantic Philanthropies. Ireland.

Program Description

" 'Dementia Elevator' aims to prepare communities and health systems to respond to people with dementia in a way that reduces excess disability. The main motivation is to achieve ageing in place for people with dementia by ensuring that there are people with the right skills to make staying at home a more obvious choice than is currently the case."

"A dementia champion is someone with excellent knowledge and skills in the care of people with dementia. They are an advocate for people with dementia and a source of information and support for co-workers. They will have an understanding of the change process from a theoretical and practical perspective. A champion is self-motivated, motivates others and acts as a role model in the delivery of person centered care. A champion is someone that has the leadership qualities and communication skills to act as a change agent."

In addition to dementia care training for health system professionals such as leaders, family carers, GPs, nurses, pharmacists ‘Dementia Elevator’ aims to focus on:

  • Ability rather than disability.
  • A person-centered approach to dementia care.
  • Providing the right supports and skills for people with dementia within local communities.

Dementia Champions Training trains Dementia Champions who possess excellent knowledge and skills and advocate for the care of people with dementia at locations around Ireland.

The organization focuses on dementia awareness for the following groups:

General Dementia Awareness for groups including health care staff, professionals, community groups, schools and colleges.

Dementia Awareness for the Public- skills training for community-based service providers, such as post office and retail workers to improve communication skills and knowledge to deal with customer related situations.

Dementia Awareness for health and social care workers to provide participants with the knowledge skills and attitudes required to deliver high quality, person-centered care to people with dementia and their carers.

A dementia awareness training video is available by the organization that stresses how a person with dementia can continue to live well following a diagnosis as long as they get the correct support.

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