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WHATAlzheimer's and other dementia training for organizations on a variety of topics for staff groups at all levels. Training is delivered through a team of specialist experts and trainers.
WHYTo provide Alzheimer's and other dementia training to support managers, staff, caregivers improving the quality of life of those with Alzheimer's and other dementia.
WHEREAlzheimer's Society.
Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Program Description

Dementia Training can be tailored to ensure it meets the requirements of an organization and workshop sessions can be brought directly to the organization.

The Alzheimer's Society is the provider of choice for dementia education in health and social care. 

Some of the Dementia for Professionals Trainings include:
Dementia awareness - a one day course for staff who come into contact with people with dementia to train staff coming into contact with people with dementia offering a look into the day to day experiences of a person with dementia. Physical impacts of dementia, along with signs and symptoms are covered.

Dementia awareness for staff in acute settings - a course for hospital staff that offers a basic understanding of dementia and an introduction to person-centered care for people with dementia for hospital staff having occasional interaction with people with dementia. The course covers communication, understanding behavior, differences between delirium, depression and other behaviors.

Caring for people with dementia in acute hospital settings - What is dementia and the experience of dementia, difference between dementia, delirium and other behaviors. Hospital admission, stay and discharge from the perspective of a person with dementia. Issues facing staff working with people with dementia and strategies to support people with dementia in acute settings

Champions In Dementia - Leadership In Dementia CareCovers the skills and confidence required to improve day-to-day practice and support colleagues in building a strong culture of person-centered dementia care. The course aims to improve the quality of the lived experience of people with dementia in any dementia care setting and to promote a nourishing culture dementia care.

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Senior Programs
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-Memory Recall and Mind Fitness Programs
-Dementia, Alzheimer's Caregivers Programs
-Dementia Assistance and Activities
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