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WHATThe first comprehensive Dementia awareness campaign and caregiving platform in Bangladesh.
WHYTo increase awareness of dementia in Bangladesh through workshops, seminars, advocacy, building relationships with educational institutions, the health sector and local government structures.

Program Description

"As people in Bangladesh are not aware of dementia which causes irreparable brain damage and ultimate demise of human being, we have been raising awareness of dementia among Bangladeshis…"

"We campaign for a better deal for the people with dementia and their carers. We work hard to create & raise awareness of dementia, in and with both the general public and health professionals along with key decision makers of Bangladesh."

"…so that people in our country will have a clear idea and concept over dementia and make familiar with different aspects of the dementia and accordingly render their services towards the dementia affected people both in their family and in the society."

The Alzheimer society of Bangladesh aims to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of dementia.
  • Dementia related education and training for the general public and dementia caregivers.
  • Defeat dementia through research.
  • Advocate on behalf of people living with dementia.
  • Introducing treatment and caregiver plans.
  • Develop a dementia friends group (volunteers and caregivers).
  • Network and collaborative with other organizations on dementia related issues and solutions.

The Alzheimer society of Bangladesh is funding the construction of the Dementia Service and Information Center which includes the following dementia care resources:

  • Dementia daycare
  • Dementia life care 
  • Dementia training
  • Dementia research  
  • Guest house
  • Dormitory
  • Garden

The Alzheimer society of Bangladesh works to increase awareness of dementia and conduct research on Dementia and related disorders.

Alzheimer society of Bangladesh is a member of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) UK, and Associate member of International Alliance of Patients Organization (IAPO) UK.

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