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WHATElderly and people with dementia are provided meaningful technology-based activities such as active video gaming, GarageBand, and other apps in the hopes of strengthening memory recall.
WHYTo enhance mind fitness and the quality of life for the elderly and those with dementia through fun, interactive technology used in a group setting.
WHEREActive Agers.
Singapore, Malaysia.

Program Description

"Technology can be used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with cognitive, physical or communication disabilities.
It allows for flexible adaptation and customization of activities to suit the interests, strengths, needs and abilities of each resident, in line with person-centered care. It is also able to provide multi-dimensional representations and is most useful for the elderly who have lost the ability to communicate verbally."

Active Agers provides technology-based activities to residents in nursing homes, retirement homes and dementia care facilities.

The format can be used as a base for structured dementia assistance activities for small to large groups of seniors.

Technology that can be used to improve the lives of those with memory loss and dementia include:

Active Video Gaming – video games offer multiple players opportunities for socialization are designed for senior participants to work together to accomplish a goal instilling a sense of achievement and self-esteem. The use of video games with the elderly has showed improvements in multitasking skills and reported higher levels of well-being.

Reminiscence therapy - is offered to the elderly with mood or memory problems so that they can connect with their past and with each other. Through the use of apps on a tablet that feature sites showing news articles, videos or interactive photos, participants are guided in creative expressions using carefully designed open-ended questions to illicit reminiscence.
Through prompts participants are encouraged to reminiscence about the past. The aim is to promote a sense of identity, reminding them of various meaningful memories of many decades past. Participants are provided fun and meaningful opportunities to share, reflect and take pride in their most valuable memories in life through and ownership of a published book documenting individual responses.

GarageBand – seniors can create music by playing the piano, keyboard, guitar, and other instruments through the computer. GarageBand Music therapy can also be used for seniors to collaborate as a band and play music together.

Active Agers provides nursing facilities and senior communities with access to training and support services for their technology based dementia assistance activities.

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