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WHATSenior co-housing condominium homes, which share common areas and create a retirement community of active, engaged seniors.
WHYTo create an intentional community fostering for seniors so that they may feel a sense of belonging, support and purpose.
WHEREWolf Willow Senior Co-Housing Community.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Program Description

Senior homes are privately owned and self-contained with their own area. Senior co-housing also allows for the benefit of additional shared, common facilities such as a common room, a common kitchen, lounge, guest or caregiver suites, meeting space.

Wolf Willow Senior Co-Housing Community offers a design and architecture that is environmentally sensitive and promotes energy conservation. Senior residents can access the neighborhood as the community is designed to be pedestrian friendly and close to retail shops and other facilities.

The Wolf Willow Senior Co-Housing Community aims to support each senior in the community other by offering residents friendship, and helpful neighbors who are nearby to check in on each other while honoring personal privacy.

A core value of the “Wolf Willow Senior Co-Housing Community” Program is to govern according to respectful, democratic, non-hierarchical and consensus-oriented principles.

Examples of the senior co-housing lifestyle and senior activities at the “Wolf Willow Senior Co-Housing Community” include:

Dining together, conversations, intellectual stimulation, sharing skills, talents and experiences, book discussions, music, dancing and much

Some of the advantages of senior cohousing include:

-Gives seniors the ability to remain living independently
-Seniors are a part of a neighborhood of peers
-Social interaction for seniors who may otherwise be alone or isolated
-Common areas and facilities are convenient for use
-Senior cohousing is affordable senior housing and cheaper than other alternatives such as retirement homes or assisted living
-Cohousing neighborhoods model environmental sustainability
-Health and wellness is maintained by being connected to a community and remaining active
-Senior Cohousing offers safety and security by neighbors watching out for each other and each others homes
-Provides an option of downsizing of residence after retirement
-Caregiving for adult parents may not be as stressful for both the adult child and an aging parent since seniors are in a engaged and safe community amongst friends and peers
-Daily convenience for sharing rides, fitness classes





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