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WHAT The first comprehensive elder abuse shelter within a long-term care facility in the United States.
WHYTo provide temporary shelter and support to victims of family violence and/or elder abuse and to either ensure the safe return to their own homes or provide alternate housing in the community.  To place at-risk or isolated seniors in a situation where they can benefit from the programs of a long term care facility.
WHERE The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse.
Hebrew Home at Riverdale.
River Spring Living.
New York, NY, USA.

Program Description

“The Weinberg Center serves clients 60 and older who do not have a safe place to live due to ongoing or imminent elder abuse.”

“…being abused at where I was living in queens in that with my brother and he just was throwing out my things with my clothes and I had no place to go because the rents are so high.”

“and she said to me I didn't really think anything that was going on at home was necessarily abuse but when I'm talking to you I realized that it is mistreatment and it wasn't fair what I was going through. If we didn't screen her we never opened up to have that conversation she would have gone about her life thinking how she was being treated was how every older it all is treated.”

“Shelter is much more about just a roof over someone says it's about how they live it's about how they are treated it's about their rights to make choices it's about being able to get back into community, it's about being whole again.” The Weinberg Center - Deepening Our Roots. Expanding Our Reach Video

source - video: The Weinberg Center - Deepening Our Roots. Expanding Our Reach '

Admission to the senior shelter is available 24/7, 365 days a year and is offered regardless of ability to pay.

Seniors are placed in housing throughout residential units on the Hebrew Home's retirement campus that are best suited to meet their medical and other needs and are fully integrated and encouraged to make full use of the Hebrew Home's programs.

Seniors are provided with access to medical, cognitive, rehabilitation, dietary, and therapeutic care services.

The Center offers victims of elder abuse healthcare and supportive services, a safe place, emotional and psychological counseling by social workers and nurses and legal advocacy and representation on issues including guardianships, orders of protection, divorce, banking and housing.

The Center’s SPRiNG Alliance assists communities around the United States and the world to start temporary shelters for older adults. The alliance provides guidance, tool and materials to replicate the older adult shelter model in other communities.

In addition to providing nursing care, memory care and senior living communities and neighborhoods, RiverSpring Living provides older adults with arts and cultural offerings and access to services supporting elder justice and well-being.,

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