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WHATOne of the largest providers of affordable senior housing and accompanying senior support services in America.
WHYTo provide safe, affordable senior housing along with senior support services near to where seniors reside allowing them to live mobile, fulfilling lives.
WHEREVolunteers of America.
Across the USA.

Program Description

"We are also a national leader in providing care and housing for seniors. In the United States today, we are one of the largest nonprofit providers of affordable senior housing and we are a leading nonprofit provider of skilled nursing care and assisted living for seniors."

"Here at Volunteers of America I found a place that feels like home, where I can get everything that I need, I can get my hair done, I can get my meals, I can get my mail, I can get anything done that I want. I thought I was happy in the other places but after moving here I had a completely different feeling, so I didn't know it until I moved here. If your not happy somewhere just keep looking until you do find a place that you're happy. When I come through the door I say, well I'm home, this is my home this is my family, it gave me peace of mind."

-Volunteers of America Video: Jeannette Comes Home

Volunteers of America houses more than 8000 seniors in approximately 140 housing communities designed around the needs of the elderly.

Volunteers of America is the largest recipient of HUD funding for senior housing and housing for the disabled.

In addition to providing affordable senior housing Volunteers of America aims to provide support services to residents such as: health services, senior meals, senior social and recreational activities, mental health support services, job training and other accessible support services so that seniors can live full, vibrant lives.

Volunteers of America is one of the largest nonprofit developers and providers of affordable senior housing in the country. In total the organization owns and operates more close to 400 affordable housing properties across the United States including housing units, elderly housing, multifamily housing and housing for those with disabilities.

Volunteers of America administers hundreds of programs, including senior housing and healthcare benefits. The organization supports America's most vulnerable populations including the frail elderly, veterans, at-risk youth, those returning from prison, homeless individuals and families, and people with disabilities, and those recovering from addictions.

Volunteers of America helps the elderly and others through a team of over 60,000 volunteers throughout the USA.




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