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WHATAn older adult who needs a small amount of help to live independently in their own home is matched with someone who needs a place to live and is able to provide support or companionship.
WHYTo bring together two people in need to form a new relationship designed to benefit to both people.
UK Homeshares.
Several Schemes in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland. United Kingdom.

Program Description

"Homeshare involves matching someone who needs some companionship or a little help to carry on living in their own home, with someone who is willing to give a little help and needs accommodation. There are 11 Homeshare schemes in the UK."


"There are 10,000 Shared Lives carers in the UK. They share their family and community life with someone who needs some support to live independently. Shared Lives carers support disabled adults, older people with dementia, people with mental health problems, care leavers, disabled children in transition to adulthood, parents who have learning disabilities....."

UK Homeshare Programs employs a Homeshare Co-ordinator who works to find a match between older adult homeowners and those who are in need of a home and are willing to provide supportive services.

After introducing the two parties to each other coordinators are responsible for providing additional support in order to facilitate theĀ  arrangement working well for both parties.

SharedLivesPlus publishes a Homeshare Practice Guide outlining Homeshare program safeguards and guidelines to protect older adults and carers. The Homeshare
co-ordinator of each program should be the person to refer to in this regard. Co-ordinators should refer to a safety checklist with a set of minimum housing and safety standard and have open, regular contact with the household to support and recognize any potential problems or risks.

General rules for UK Homeshares are:

-Rent is free for the carer.
-Household bills are shared.
-The Homesharer helps out around the house, by cooking meals, running errands, shopping trips and providing company.

The benefit to older adults is to help those:

-Who need a low level support to remain living independently and without it may need to enter a care home.
-To provide support and companionship on a regular and daily basis for elderly who do not have any family nearby.

Home Shares in the UK:

Home Share West - Bristol
Homeshare Eden - Cumbria
SAILS - East Sussex
Draycott Homeshare - London
Care 2 Stay - London
C&V Inspire - London (South) & Kent
Share and Care - London + other UK areas
Cross Roads Care - London

In addition to Homeshare the SharedLivesPlus organization helps organize member organizaions of Shared Lives. ‘Shared Lives’ promotes a more meaningful long-term relationship between older adults and carers by combing their community lives. A Shared Lives carer and an elderly person who needs support get to know each other and, if they both feel comfortable they share family and community life.Shared Lives carers are paid a modest amount to cover some of their time.

Shared Lives is an alternative to placing older adults or disabled adults into care. Shared Lives carers are trained and supported by local Shared Lives schemes are registered with the government's care regulator. Local schemes which are regulated by the government’s social care inspectors.

Shared Lives is used by people with older adults along with those who have learning disabilities, disabled children and others.

The SharedLivesPlus organization is formerly known as The National Association of Adult Placement Services. (NAAPS)




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