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WHATA homeless shelter for seniors providing short-term emergency services such as housing, meals, clothing, benefits and referrals to other agencies.
WHYTo provide supportive services to homeless elderly which will allow them to return to independent living. To provide food, shelter and other rehabilitative services to seniors who are unable to provide for themselves.
WHERETurning Point Center.
Isha Deselle – Founder. Houston, Texas, USA.

Program Description

“Everybody who lives here has a chore if they are able to.”

" Isha sold her home and used her life savings to acquire a dilapidated 34-unit apartment complex and refurbished it into a safe haven for the homeless elderly. The Turning Point Center... houses approximately 180 residents
at any one time per year.

The Turning Point homeless shelter is re-establishing Life for Houston's elderly homeless and is housed in a former apartment complex purchased by founder Isha Deselle. The shelter was formed with the assistance of homeless elderly who in exchange received assistance.

Senior residents have assigned chores such as
working in the kitchen and answering phones to help maintain the shelter and to promote self-sufficiency and confidence.

The shelter maintains its own vegetable garden which help to provide food for the elderly residents.

Turning Point Center provides homeless seniors with the following free services:

  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Clothing
  • Benefits –Social Security Disability, Medicare, Medicaid, Retirement Counselling
  • Important Documents – Drivers License, Social Security Card, Birth Certificates etc.
  • Job Search Assistance and Training and Continuing Education
  • Transportation service and public transport assistance.

Turning Point Center aims to meet the physcal and emotional needs of homeless elderly.

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