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WHAT Inspire U Wellness is a holistic wellness and spirituality program offered at Tealwood Care's nursing care and assisted living facilities.
WHYTo provide holistic nursing care and assisted living care to elderly including physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs.
WHERETealwood Care Centers. Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, USA.

Program Description

"The name 'Inspire U Wellness' reflects the journey we take toward wellness, seeking to renew our whole person-body, mind, and soul-through movement, meditation, and mindfulness."

"Whole-person wellness is defined by a multidimensional wheel which incorporates physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and vocational aspects to each individual's life. Our intention is to bring programs to each community to incorporate all dimensions of wellness to our residents and team members. With the focus of whole-person wellness, our hope is to make this a journey and not a destination...because the journey matters."

Tealwood Care Centers aims to achieve holistic wellness for its' senior residents through the following avenues:

◦Physical Wellness – promoting healthy lifestyle habits through appropriate movement to each seniors residents' abilities. Senior activities vary and include strength training, cardiovascular endurance, balance and stability activities, walking programs, and spa services.

◦Spiritual Wellness - helping senior residents seek meaning and purpose, develop an appreciation for the depth and expanse of life, and articulate personal values and ethics. The focus is non-denominational and inclusive. Senior activities vary and include worship, sacraments, prayer, biblical reflections, meditations, and mind-body classes.

◦Social Wellness - helping seniors create and maintain healthy social relationships and interdependence, helping the whole senior living community. Senior activities vary and include concerts, outings, gatherings, themed parties, and wine tastings.

◦Emotional Wellness
- helping seniors celebrate life, experience daily joy, cope with stress, accept limitations, and love themselves unconditionally. Senior activities vary and include pastoral care, relaxation, journaling, and support groups.

◦Intellectual Wellness
– helping senior residents continue to expand their wisdom, knowledge, and skills through a variety of intellectually stimulating resources and cultural events. Activities vary and include book clubs, lecture series, travel, and art.

◦Vocational Wellness
- encouraging goal setting for personal and professional growth. Senior activities vary and include volunteer programs, community services, and sharing wisdom.

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