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WHATSenior cohousing community where seniors are each other's neighbors sharing a neighborhood, amenities, services and support.
WHYSeniors are able to enjoy privacy by owning their own homes and also have the benefit of shared neighborhood community, support and socialization.
WHEREWonderland Hill Development Company.
Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community.
Boulder, CO., USA

Program Description

"People didn't live so long before and I think that we have to help each other.
I don't think we can count on the younger generation to come in and look after us, we have to figure out how to look after ourselves a lot more."

-Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community Resident, WHDC Video

"Cohousing gives the thing that we all look for in terms of what a neighborhood is you know ideally in our minds, the way we think of it …the way I think back to my childhood."

-Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community Resident, WHDC Video

"A new wonderful turning of the way for society to get back to a closer connection to your neighbors to feel supported and just really have a fun time together a lot of time and much closer relationships than you have in a typical neighborhood."

-Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community Resident, WHDC Video

"Cohousing is like creating a new family for me of friends and then some. Friends in need, friends in fun, friends when your happy, friends when your sad."

-Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community Resident, WHDC Video

The focus at the "Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community" is to encourage seniors to engage in a participatory community, experience self-development and growth and enjoy outdoor courtyards, patios and views.

Seniors can also take advantage of the many wellness, artistic, and fitness activities in the area including hiking, walking and biking along with visiting nearby cafes and restaurants.

The "Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community" is made up of duplexes, attached homes, a community center, sidewalks and landscaping and is structured as a condominium association.

Some of the advantages of senior cohousing include:

-Gives seniors the ability to remain living independently
-Seniors are a part of a neighborhood of peers
-Social interaction for seniors who may otherwise be alone or isolated
-Common areas and facilities are convenient for use
-Senior cohousing is affordable senior housing and cheaper than other alternatives such as retirement homes or assisted living
-Cohousing neighborhoods model environmental sustainability
-Health and wellness is maintained by being connected to a community and remaining active
-Senior Cohousing offers safety and security by neighbors watching out for each other and each others homes
-Provides an option of downsizing of residence after retirement
-Caregiving for adult parents may not be as stressful for both the adult child and an aging parent since seniors are in a engaged and safe community amongst friends and peers
-Daily convenience for sharing rides, fitness classes

The "Wonderland Hill Development Company" builds sustainable communities based on the cohousing concepts that combine personal values, community, organic design, and sustainable building practices and principles. With over 30 years of development experience, Wonderland Hill is a pioneer in the high-quality green building arena, winning awards for almost all of our communities based on the sustainable features we design into all of them. The "Wonderland Hill Development Company" has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the National Council of the Housing Industry, and the Solar Energy Research Institute.

McCamant & Durrett Architects are handled the design of the "Silver Sage Senior Cohousing Community" and are well known nationally and internationally for the design of cohousing communities, childcare facilities, pedestrian-friendly town planning, sustainable design and development consulting.




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