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WHATA senior moving, relocation and downsizing service.
WHYTo support seniors and their families during a move providing a supported transition.
WHERESenior Moves.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

"Moving home, when you have lived somewhere for a long time or are very settled can feel like an enormous upheaval, even if you know it is absolutely the right thing to do. Each room has memories, and the furniture and ornaments are all precious for a lifetime of reasons. Your home becomes your family history. This is why moving an older person is different, it generally means downsizing, and can feel overwhelming."

"We can do all the work for you or just part of it."

Senior moves can be unique because elderly have often lived in their home for a very long time acting as a family history. They may be moving to a senior residence or care home with very little room so downsizing is usually necessary. Seniors may not be as mobile and need assistance with the details of a move. Senior Moves can help seniors decide with what to keep, what to sell, what to give away.

Senior Moves helps seniors and their families with decisions such as where to move to, what type of property, what to take, how to manage in the new location and setting up in the new residence. They can also work with estate agents to sell or find a home, provide referrals to financial and legal services, help with auctioning items, arranging pet care and more.

Senior Moves provides seniors who are thinking about moving with:

-A free consultation with seniors and their families.
-Tailored senior move services to meet specific requirements and a written quotation .
-A moving plan.  

Senior Moves is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers

Senior Housing
Senior Moving Service and Senior Relocation

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