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WHATA senior home sharing program that matches older adults with younger adults to live together in the same home.
WHYTo provide affordable, supportive housing by sharing rent, expenses and household responsibilities and social support benefiting both generations.
WHEREOdd Couples Housing. Founders - John Levis and John O’Connell.
Missouri and Denver USA.

Program Description

“Odd Couples Housing is a solution for older adults with an extra room in their home, and young adults looking for an affordable place to live.”

“With housing expenses on the rise, whether you’re paying off student loans or living on a fixed income, locating a place to live that feels like home can be difficult.”

Shared senior living can offers older adults the opportunity to age in place comfortably at home without having to move into assisted living.

Seniors can receive the following benefits from co-housing:

  • Increase monthly income.
  • Help paying for rent.
  • Help paying bills and utilities.
  • Safety at home.
  • Maintain independence by aging in place.
  • Companionship.
  • Sense of community and connectedness.

Older adult homeowners post spare rooms.

Seniors and younger home seekers each complete a profile along with what they are looking for.

Odd Couples Housing helps match older adult homeowners with younger adults.

Odd Couples Housing provides a shared housing agreement with suggested expectations and guidelines.

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