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WHATA network of homesharing programs across the United States.
WHYTo raise awareness of the benefits of homesharing, encourage best practices and foster the development of new homesharing programs.
WHEREThe National Shared Housing Resource Center.
Founder Maggie Kuhn.
Based in Vermont, USA.

Program Description

“In 1980, Kuhn founded the National Shared Housing Resource Center having experienced the benefits of homesharing in her own home for years. She passionately believed there must be more opportunities for intergenerational living and that seniors shouldn’t be isolated and alone or warehoused and forgotten.”

“Homesharing enables two or more unrelated people to share housing for their mutual benefit. A person offers a private bedroom and shared common area in exchange for rent, help around the house or a combination of the two. Every homesharing arrangement is unique. It’s about people helping people.”

“There’s really growing interest in homesharing where an older home owner who has an extra room. Maybe they are an empty nester and they're living alone, but they have an extra room or space in their home that they could run out. Well, it becomes a win-win situation."

“Home sharing can create supplemental income for the homeowner and affordable housing for their tenant.”
--source: video WKRN News 2 ‘Home-Sharing for Seniors to Find Local Roommates.’

The National Shared Housing Resource Center program directory lists Homesharing programs by State to help those who would like to Home Share.
Find homesharing programs in your area

Homeshare Resources – resource guide to help start or run a homeshare program covering an overview of homesharing, along with program design and set up.

Maggie Kuhn founded the Gray Panthers which addressed issues such as pension rights, age discrimination, and affordable housing.

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