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WHATMercy Housing provides stable affordable housing to seniors, families, people with special needs, including those with developmental disabilities, HIV/AIDS, formerly homeless individuals and Veterans.
WHYTo provide affordable housing rentals along with support services such as health and wellness, financial stability and community involvement for seniors and others.
WHEREMercy Housing.
Across the USA.

Program Description

“As one of the nation’s largest developers and owners of senior housing, Mercy Housing addresses senior housing needs by providing affordable housing that is with services that seek to improve and maintain the status of older adults in terms of their personal economic development, health, and community engagement.”

“We are one of only a few national organizations that provide affordable housing for all low- and moderate-income populations. We serve families, seniors, and people with special needs with the full spectrum of affordable housing, including supportive housing for the formerly homeless, transitional housing, permanent rental, and affordable homeownership opportunities.”

“People who find a home with Mercy Housing have often struggled with some of life’s toughest challenges. High housing costs, job loss, illness, substance abuse, trauma, and isolation are just some of the barriers facing Mercy Housing residents as they work to create a stable life. We recognize that people often need more than a home to build a stable life, which is why, in addition to housing, we provide Resident Services.”

Mercy Housing manages affordable rental homes for seniors throughout the country
In addition to providing affordable housing for seniors and others Mercy Housing also provides residents with the following supportive housing services:

  • Health and Wellness – senior hunger is addressed at some locations by providing onsite food pantries, fitness classes and physical activity programs, cooking classes to each how to shop on a budget and prepare healthy meals, free health screenings, help navigating health insurance and the health care system.
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management and Matter of Balance programs.
  • Financial Stability - financial literacy classes on how to open a bank account, address debt, keep a budget, build credit, and save.
  • Community Involvement – intergenerational exchanges benefit older adults, children and parents, children can learn from seniors and engage in activities to avoid social isolation. Support networks between neighbors are allowed to form. Older adults can participate in movie nights, potlucks, gardening clubs, knitting clubs, bingo nights, computer classes, holiday celebrations, and more fostering connected and stable communities.

Mercy Housing units are developed and designed for seniors to live independent lifestyles.

Volunteers can help seniors and others live vibrant engaged lived by assisting with community landscaping, cleaning, gardening, building playgrounds, beautification projects, teaching a class, tutoring a child, instructing in a computer lab, hosting community meals, holiday gatherings, birthday parties, lead a food drive, school supplies fundraiser, help purchase holiday gifts and much more.

Mercy Housing accepts donations to help fight senior poverty and homelessness.

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