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WHATThe Housing Bureau for Seniors helps prevent senior homelessness, evictions, property tax or mortgage foreclosures and advocates for affordable senior housing.
WHYTo help seniors find and maintain safe and affordable housing by providing housing assistance and support services.
WHEREHousing Bureau for Seniors. University of Michigan. Michigan Medicine.
Michigan, USA.

Program Description

“A lot of people are surprised that the Housing Bureau for Seniors is a program of the health system and they don’t intuitively see what the relationship is between health and housing, but inadequate, unsafe, and unaffordable housing can adversely impact older adults because of their morbidity rates and other health conditions that adversely impact their functional ability.”
-Beth Adams, Director Housing Bureau for Seniors

“I get most of the people who are older adults who are at risk for being foreclosed on for failing to pay their property taxes…that’s where the majority of my clients come from.”

-Kanet Hunko Forclosure Prevention Officer. video: Housing Bureau for Seniors Leadership Day 2012.

Older adults may face homelessness or evictions if they fall behind on rent, mortgage payments, property taxes, or if income doesn’t cover bills, medications or food expenses.

The Housing Bureau for Seniors affordable housing assistance programs include:

  • Eviction Prevention Program - helps older adults with financial, physical, or cognitive challenges by mediating with landlords, providing free legal services, medical support, and budget counseling to prevent seniors from being evicted.

  • Forclosure Prevention Program – helps older adults avoid property tax or mortgage foreclosure through free tax preparation programs, tax reductions, deferments, credits and financial planning.
  • Housing Counseling – conducts a housing needs assessment considering location, transportation, health needs, affordability and social network.

  • HomeShare – a HomeShare Coordinator matches an older adult with another individual to share a home which can provide an affordable housing option either through reduced housing expenses or additional rental income. HomeSharing provides both individuals with companionship, personal safety, household help.  

The Housing Bureau for Seniors offers maintaining affordable housing training and presentations to senior groups, civic organizations, church groups and businesses.

The Housing Bureau for Seniors provides information on the following additional areas of concern to help the elderly:

  • Bullying Among Older Adults.
  • Addiction and Older Adults.
  • Housing and the LGBT Community.
  • Extending Independence in the Home.
  • Assisted Living: Using Decision-Making Tools to Find the Right Fit.
  • Low-Cost Senior Housing: Understanding How it Works.
  • Quality Housing and Health


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