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WHATHarbourside Senior Cohousing is a sustainable senior cohousing homeowner community that promotes seniors living together, with shared vision and values.
WHYTo nurture an innovative elder culture with connections to the larger society to promote healthy aging in place.
WHEREHarbourside Senior Cohousing Sooke, BC, Canada.
(Near Victoria, BC.)

Program Description

"In senior cohousing residents proactively design and manage their own neighbourhoods, creating physical and social environments in which they can flourish to the end of their days. Participation in an Active Aging study group builds community, then the community builds houses & common house. People own their private dwelling units, share a large common house and common meals, and co-care for each other, which provides support for aging in place at no cost to the system. The common house also includes a care-givers suite for future contingencies."

"Our mandate is to build an intentional neighborhood of strata-titled housing for seniors that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and socially/culturally supportive, allowing people to flourish through mutual support as they age in place and in community."

“Harbourside Senior Cohousing” aims to respect each senior resident’s personal privacy while fostering a community of cooperation, and social connection.

The concept of shared cohousing also includes sharing in the responsibility of elder care along with resources.

The Harbourside cohousing plan includes:

-Townhouse and apartment style senior housing units
-Common amenities
-Sustainable and green home building principles and materials
-Gardens and open space
-Shared dining and kitchen space
-Guest rooms
-Multi-purpose rooms
-Located nearby groceries, church, coffee shops, restaurants, post office, bus stops etc.

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