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WHATA database of single older adults, both women and men who are looking to home share with others with common interests and compatible goals.
WHYTo provide affordable senior housing and an economical solution for those interested in downsizing or ageing in place, along with social support to older adults within a peer group.
WHEREGolden Girls Network.
Founder - Bonnie Moore. Across the USA.

Program Description

"The idea for Golden Girls Network developed as a result of (Founder Bonnie Moore's) personal experiences. After extensive remodeling to her home, she and her husband split up, and she was left with a beautiful home and a mortgage that she could not afford. On top of that, the 2008 recession hit and she lost equity and didn't even try to sell. She started looking for roommates, and found friends. Then, people started asking her what it was like to live with a bunch of women, and she found herself in business helping others to start their own Golden Girls Homes."

"Each shared house has its own flavor and rules. Moore — who has given workshops and written a guide on starting a 'Golden Girls' house… looks for people to live in her house who want to be part of a micro-community and not simply rent a room. 'You want to be able to hang out, chitchat,' she said. 'I want the interaction.' " Article: A New Generation of 'Golden Girls' Embrace Communal Living as They Get Older.

The Golden Girls Network provides an electronic database that matches older adults with compatible housemates.

Home sharing can be arranged in the following ways:

  • A group that shares and manages senior housing equally, either through shared ownership or equally sharing a lease.
  • A landlord/tenant arrangement where one person owns the home and others are roommates.
  • A homeowner and a home companion, where one person provides some household assistance and companionship for an older adult.

The Golden Girls Network does not match seniors for home sharing but rather provides a database for seniors to find other like-minded individuals who are also searching for affordable senior housing.

The senior home sharing site asks older adults to:

  • Describe themselves and the housing arrangement they would like.
  • Search for others with similar interests –qualities and attributes in a housemate that are important.
  • Communicate with a potential matched housemate.

The Golden Girls Network has put out a book on how to home share called ‘How to Start a Golden Girls Home’ covering topics such as housing law, how to interview a roommate, and more.

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*This Program No Longer Exists*

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