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WHATHomesharing database and information services for older adults.
WHYTo help older adults have access to more affordable housing, companionship and help around the home.
WHEREGolden Girls Canada.
Golden HomeSharing Connections. Founder - Dorothy Mazeau. Canada.

Program Description

“We do not do the matching for you, but we provide an opportunity for you to find other like-minded individuals who are also searching for an affordable friendly place to live through senior home sharing.”

“I mean I talk about it as when we when we launch our lives often we do have roommates in whether we're in university or we're starting our careers, and then our career launches and perhaps you get married and raise a family so you launch and then you have your life, and then this is where you're coming in for landing, and this is a way to come in for a graceful landing that you can live out many many happy years together.”

“It takes a paradigm shift to think about you know this way of living because we just haven't thought about it and some cultures it's very common for intergenerational homes to happen…”
-Video: Introduction to Home Sharing Dorothy Mazeau.

Membership is required which gives access to a database of potential home share individuals. Home share resources and a Q and A section are also provided.

Home Sharing can provide an affordable housing option for older adults on limited incomes.

Home arrangements may include renting out a space in a home, renting or purchasing a home together. Individuals should be compatible.

Benefits of home sharing include:

  • Financial Help with rent, monthly mortgage, and housing costs, bills and repairs.
  • Safety, security and support.
  • Companionship and reduction of social isolation.
  • Help with errands, shopping, groceries, household tasks, or transportation.
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