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WHATThe Community Aging in Place Advancing Better Living for Elders (CAPABLE) study is a research intervention that makes free home modifications and adjustments to senior's daily routines, which will allow them, increased mobility, functionality, and the ability to 'age in place.'
WHYThe Capable study wants to prove that in-home senior visits and tailored interventions, and free in-home repairs or modifications can help low-income seniors to live independently at home and care for themselves.
WHERECommunity Aging in Place Advancing Better Living for Elders. (CAPABLE)
The Center for Nursing Research.
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.
Funding from The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Program Description

"Now a major research project will bring handymen, occupational therapists and nurses into the homes of 800 low-income seniors in Baltimore to test if some inexpensive fix-ups and strategies for daily living can keep them independent longer, and save millions in taxpayer dollars spent on nursing home care."

"The Capable project - it stands for Community Aging in Place, Advancing Better Living for Elders is being closely watched by Medicaid officials in other states as a way to coordinate care and improve the functional problems that lead to pricey, and sometimes preventable nursing home admissions. Today, it's difficult for Medicaid patients to get these services." Article:Renovating seniors' homes may lead to longer independence.

CAPABLE provides seniors living at home with occupational therapist intervention, nurse intervention along with safety and access to handyman services.

The aim is to make the kinds of home modifications that will promote the mobility of seniors living at home. The research intervention hopes to show that by providing home modifications, medication management, promoting strength, balance, nutrition, and home safety seniors can live independently at home for a longer period of time. In the process seniors avoid skilled care nursing homes and health care costs are decreased.

The project is taking a whole-person approach to intervention and providing a full-scale assessment of each senior's needs.

Home Modification, Home Repair Assistance, Design for Aging in Place




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