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WHATProvides tools that housing communities can use to modify the environment to be senior friendly and to provide businesses and services that better serve the needs of seniors.
WHYTo provide an option for senior housing that works and so that seniors can live independently in their own homes.
WHEREAlberta Senior Friendly Program.
Alberta Council on Aging. Alberta, Canada.

Program Description

"The aim of the 'Alberta Senior Friendly Communities' Program is to assist local partnerships in the recruitment and training of a network of local individuals including seniors and older volunteers who will work to make their own communities more Senior Friendly through the delivery of presentations and workshops… facility check-ups…and to promote, foster and support Senior Friendly communities, businesses and services throughout the province."

Benefits of the "Alberta Senior Friendly Communities" Program include:

Awareness of contributions seniors make to society along with an understanding of
senior sensitivity and challenges seniors have in accessing programs and services.
Seniors contributing to build their own communities in a way that adapts to their own needs, lifestyle and well-being.
Encouraging intergenerational living and intergenerational activities.

The "Alberta Senior Friendly" Program has a wealth of information through
Senior Friendly Guides including:

Senior Friendly Grocery Store Guidelines -How to make your store friendly to Seniors.
Ideas for Healthy Eating- A joint project with the Dietitians of Canada.
Friendly Pharmacy Tips for Seniors- To promote better service and safer use of medications.
Linking the Generations- Intergenerational activities and lessons.
Senior Friendly Training Program -To train staff and volunteers who work with Seniors.
Senior Friendly Business Designation Program - An audit to have businesses designated as Senior Friendly.

The Alberta Council on Aging aims to "empower and educate seniors and government to support the quality of life for seniors and encourage their full participation in all aspects of society."

-Senior Friendly Community Programs
-Intergenerational Housing
-Intergenerational activities
-Intergenerational Contributions to Society - Seniors Helping Youth

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