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WHATAn initiative to make the City of Hamilton an age-friendly city in which older adults can live more comfortably and age in place in their own homes and community by having access to services.
WHYTo devote more resources, services and programs towards an increasingly aging population.
WHEREThe City of Hamilton.
Hamilton Council on Aging.
Ontario, Canada.

Program Description

“Since the number of older adults and seniors in Hamilton is expected to double over the next two decades, the Plan helps to identify and address the needs and priorities of this growing part of our population… this work includes building on projects that are already happening in the community, such as barrier-free spaces, housing opportunities, safer neighborhoods, and available communication.”

Age-Friendly Hamilton aims to make the city senior friendly in the following areas:

Senior Housing – providing seniors with several housing options, housing affordability and permanent affordable housing for homelessness seniors.

Senior Transportation – affordable door to door transportation, bus shuttles, volunteer drivers, improving the  public transit to make it more user and senior friendly.

Communication – increase use of information technology among seniors such as ipads, tablets, and mobile phones so that older adults can access information about programs and services in their community which can contribute to their well-being and reduce isolation.

Senior Health Services – provide health services which allow seniors to age in place while remaining healthy and engaged in the community including support for senior meals, health services, elder abuse and neglect awareness.

Senior Social Participation – accessible recreation and social activities for older adults.

Civic Engagement and Employment -  providing older adults with employment, volunteer
opportunities so that they can continue to contribute their skills and talent to their community.

Age Friendly Public Service – age friendly policies, programs and services for older adults by city leaders and planners.

The City of Hamilton is a member of the World Health Organization’s Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities which seeks to improve the lives of older adults in the areas of senior housing, transportation, outdoors spaces and buildings, community support and health services, communication and information, civic participation and employment, respect and social inclusion and social participation.
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