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WHATA network of local people in the community that can provide seniors with in home care, help, resources, tools and support when needed.
WHYSeenager can help seniors connect with caring neighbors to help out when needed so that older adults can age in place and continue to live in the comfort of their own home.
Yasmin Shah –CEO.
San Diego, California.

Program Description

“We are building villages to support you. Your village is where the information and tools you need to have fun, stay vibrant and remain independent exists. Yep, just like the good ole days.”

“Our system of Trading Favors allows you to use your skills to earn Points by lending a helping hand. Then, when you need someone else’s talents, you can use your points to Ask A Favor of your own.”

Participants in the program trade talents and skills and earn points by lending a helping hand to a senior in need such as helping them with errands, cooking a meal, providing transportation etc. 

When they need a favor returned they are able to redeem their points by asking a fellow community member for assistance.

Participants who would like to join an existing village or start a village in their own community can do so by visiting the

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