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WHATProvides elderly and others with hot meal delivery, food hampers, water and clothing in times of crisis.
WHYTo ensure that no isolated elderly person goes hungry or without basic necessities during disaster or crisis.
WHERETurbans 4 Australia.
Founder - Amar Singh. Australia.

Program Description

“The majority of our help is requested and received by the elderly, disabled, and homeless human beings. Often we extend help to those who are facing financially precarious situations due to unemployment. Recipients of help also include people with chronic health conditions who are self-isolating to protect themselves from infection…”

“I wanted Australians to see Sikhs as people they could trust and turn to in times of need. And I wanted to do so by following the teachings of my faith, particularly our strong tradition of welcoming and helping those in need regardless of their faith, ethnicity or social status.”

- Founder - Amar Singh source:

Turbans 4 Australia is helping elderly and others who cannot leave their homes or are struggling financially by providing them with hot meals and food hampers containing groceries and toiletry items so that no older adult or other goes hungry.

In addition to help fight senior hunger Turbans 4 Australia also helps elderly and others by delivering food, water, groceries and clothing in times of disasters and bushfires.

Turbans 4 Australia delivers food through it’s Free Food 4 All food truck to those in need.

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