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WHAT An intergenerational social program bringing together young professionals and older adults.
WHYTo reduce isolation in two at-risk groups for loneliness.
WHEREThe Cares Family.
Alex Smith – Founder.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

“With globalization, gentrification, urban transience, housing bubbles and digitization changing our communities faster than ever before, older people in particular can feel left out and left behind…But young people are increasingly feeling disconnected from community too. In fact, while older people are the loneliest age group in the country, people from 21 to 35 are the second loneliest group.”-

“I think my advice to younger people who are seeking connections beyond the digital world is to take a step back and try not to ride the wave of social media, professional expectations, and the 'fear of missing out.' You have to let that go to be able to reach out to older people in the community who have thousands of stories of love and loss, of hope and heartbreak, and of mischief and misadventure to share with you.”

-Founder Alex Smith source: "

The Cares Family works to help end senior loneliness through social clubs and one on one meetings with the ‘Love Your Neighbor Friendship Program’

The program aims to:

  • Reduce loneliness and isolation in older adults and young professionals.
  • Improve neighbors’ wellbeing in larger, ever changing cities.
  • Bring people together regardless of social, generational, cultural and even digital differences.

Participants in the Care Family program have reported feeling less lonely and isolated and more connected to their community.

The Cares Family partners with North London Cares, Liverpool Cares, Manchester Cares, and South London Cares to help end isolation.

Founder Alex Smith is a 2018 Obama Foundation Fellow. Obama Foundation Fellows are selected leaders working to improve their communities and build a better future.

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