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WHAT Training and toolkit to help staff in senior nursing homes, assisted living and residential care facilities recognize the warning signs that can lead to elderly suicide.
WHYSo that staff in nursing homes and assisted living facilities can learn to recognize when seniors are at risk for suicide and possibly intervene and prevent.
WHEREEducation Development Center.
Newton, MA, USA.
National Association of State Mental Health.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
To be available across the United States.

Program Description

"Older adults in residential facilities may be at high risk…they may have physical illnesses, be isolated from family and friends, and have lost connections to their communities. All of these are risk factors for suicide."

Chris Miara - Education Development Center

The "Elderly Suicide Prevention Assessment Resource Kit" (Spark) will include:

-A guide for senior facilities to implement elderly suicide risk awareness, prevention strategies, policies, activities and programs to benefit all senior residents
-A Training guide for social workers, nurses, nurses' aides, and other staff who interact with senior residents regularly to help them recognize early warning signs that can lead to elderly suicide
-Fact and informational sheets for senior residents on elderly suicide

The "Elderly Suicide Prevention Assessment Resource Kit" program will help staff develop senior activities that counteract isolation and encourage connections with family and others and suggest ideas for making elder care facilities less institutional and more personal and inviting.


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