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WHAT Each summer isolated elderly who are living alone or have no family or visitors are treated to week long vacation in a country home in Rochelle, Illinois.
WHY A health and wellness retreat for home-bound seniors to get out of the city and enjoy fresh air and food in good company.
To provide respite for caregivers.
WHERE Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.
Rochelle, Illinois, USA.

Program Description

Staff and volunteers of the "Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Senior Vacation" Program join seniors to talk, watch movies, play games and eat home-cooked meals in the country side. The outing and socialization is a great way to promote senior health and wellness and also provides caregiver respite.

Nursing student volunteers are availble to help more frail seniors.

Memories of the senior vacation remain with seniors throughout the year and many seniors look forward to the next summer vacation.

Seniors who are homebound or can not participate in a vacation are offered the "Summer in the City" Program where they are treated to outings to the park, zoo, and other outdoor locations.

The International Federation of the "Little Brothers of the Poor" is a non profit international organization with thousands of volunteers in the USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland.

Other "Little Brothers" chapters located in the USA can be found in:


-Upper Peninsula of Michigan
-Minneapolis / St. Paul
-San Francisco

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