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WHATProvides free food, health care and other basic necessities to senior citizens living in slums.
WHYTo prevent a neglected and otherwise helpless group of senior citizens from a life of beggary.
WHEREAshvasan Foundation – Founder Lalita Ubhayakar
Bangalore, India.

Program Description

I have been getting meals from Ashvasan for the last six years. I am grateful to them for feeding me, otherwise I would have to beg,”
–Senior Citizen, Krishna Rao, resident of Bhuvaneswari Nagar. August 7th, 2009.

"Mala and Kiran's living arrangements are a far cry from those of the slum-dwellers. But they can barely manage their sprawling house in a posh neighbourhood. The wait for calls from children and grandchildren settled abroad is a long one; the e-mails are not as comforting as having real people around to drive away the silence of the evenings. And so Mala and Kiran sought the company of their peers at one of Ashvasan's recreation centres for senior citizens. They know they are not alone now. They attend talks and interactive sessions on nutrition, finance management, healthcare and other concerns. They also take part in Ashvasan's programmes for the urban poor."

Elderly in poverty are given food, blankets, clothing, medication and toiletries on a regular basis.

The "Feeding Seniors in Indian Slums" Program began by feeding elderly people in five slums of Bangalore and plans to extend to other slums in a phased manner.

The organization houses other programs such as health camps which provide free health care to elderly in poverty and recreation centers across Bangalore.

The aim of the "Ashvasan Foundation" is to enable a life of dignity, emotionally, spiritually and materially for seniors across the city of Bangalore.

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